Thursday, September 22, 2016

Welcome Back 2016!


Welcome back TCS students, parents, and staff to the 2016-2017 school year. Come see us on Thursday, 9/29 from 5:30-7pm for our annual Open House. I will have printed information on the TCS School Counseling/Guidance program, literature on Mindfulness, and examples of resources used in classroom guidance. Hope to see everyone then, enjoy your year!
-Mr. Tetreault

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Welcome back 2015!

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Welcome back TCS Families, Students and Staff to the 2015-2016 school year!
I would like to thank our amazing GWRSD staff for all the improvements done over the summer break. 
We are so lucky to have such a beautiful school to accompany our beautiful community. 

If you are new to TCS, I am Mr. Tetreault (School Counselor) and this is my blog/website.
Posts are few and far between, but content is updated regularly.

Here you will find information about everything "School Counseling" at Tuftonboro Central School.
Feel free to browse the tabs, or see me for printable versions of this information.

I hope to see everyone at our open house tomorrow night (9/24/15) 5:30-7:00.
Please stop by my office (or amazing new shared classroom space) to learn about the TCS comprehensive school counseling program and what services are available to your student(s).

I look forward to meeting all the new families, have a great year! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mindfulness in the news

At Tuftonboro Central School, we take pride in teaching mindfulness strategies to our K-6 students. Mindful minutes (brain breaks), controlled breathing exercises, and classroom yoga are just a few of the ways we integrate mindfulness into our comprehensive School Counseling curriculum at TCS. 
Below, you will find a brief info-graphic outlining Time Magazine's recent look at how mindfulness is supporting successful student outcomes in education. 
-Mr. Tetreault 

Credit: Time Magazine, February 16, 2015. Pg. 54

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome back TCS Parents, Students and Staff!

In case you are new to the blog this year, my name is Mr. Tetreault, School Counselor at Tuftonboro Central School.

I must say, it feels wonderful returning to TCS for my second year. After a very warm summer in metro Atlanta, it also feels wonderful returning to another New Hampshire autumn!  
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Atlanta Airport - One of the values posters you will see around TCS.

I am looking forward to joining the 6th grade on their trip to Camp Merrowvista next week, as well as all of the other back to school traditions we enjoy here at TCS!

Please feel free to browse through the other tabs on my blog for information about programs/tools I am using (as part of my comprehensive guidance curriculum), current guidance related activities at the school, as well as creative ideas and resources for the parents/guardians in our community.

Over the course of this 2014-2015 school year, I hope to use this blog as another way to connect with parents/guardians and shed some light on exactly what it is an elementary school counselor does!

I wish everyone the best of luck this year, and remember... Kindness counts... Be Mindful.

-Mr. T

Friday, November 22, 2013

TIGER comes to TCS!

TIGER comes to Tuftonboro Central School!
(TIGER Theatre Integrating Guidance, Education, and Responsibility) 

Plymouth State University's (Emmy Award winning) TIGER program visited TCS this week, and what a show it was! This year's TIGER performance addressed the issue of bullying in schools. "Bully Free You and Me" encouraged students to speak up and stand up against acts of bullying witnessed in school. 
- Take Action!  T
I  - I can say no!  I
- Get Help!  G
E  - Exit when necessary!  E
R  - Respect yourself and others!  R

A great takeaway for students and staff from this performance was the idea of being an "upstander" rather than a bystander, when witnessing acts of bullying. "Upstanders" speak up when they see acts of bullying and know where to get help. Another great takeaway from this performance was the introduction to cyber-bullying for our students here at TCS. As technology becomes even more enmeshed in our daily lives, our students need the knowledge and skills to navigate online social situations as well. 

TIGER performing at TCS


For more information on PSU's TIGER program, visit their website

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Guidance/Counseling Parent Resources


Below you will find helpful Parent Resources provided by the American School Counselor's Association.

  A collection of helpful articles (directed toward parents) addressing common School Counseling related topics. 

  Ever wondered what an elementary school Guidance Counselor does all day? 

I hope to see many parents at tomorrow's TCS Open House 5:30-7:00!
Check back for more posts outlining this year's classroom guidance themes, ideas for connecting in-school learning to at home behavior, info about educational iPad apps, and much more. 

Thank You,

-Mr. Tetreault

Monday, September 9, 2013

Welcome to the Tuftonboro Central School Guidance blog.
It is our goal to provide counseling services that address the Personal/Social, Academic, and Career Exploration needs of the TCS student body. 
These needs are met in a variety of ways including: classroom guidance, individual counseling, group counseling, and other special events/initiatives.
This year our school is focusing on a message to "Be Mindful" in all aspects of the educational experience.
For students, some aspects of being mindful include: respecting fellow students/school staff, practicing self-regulation, and enjoying school safely. 
Please feel free to contact me at the school or via e-mail. 
I look forward to exciting new school-wide initiatives and getting to know the TCS/Tuftonboro area community. 

-Matt Tetreault, School Counselor